Tigray Region

Tigray is a region found at the northernmost part of Ethiopia.
Tigray is often regarded as the cradle of Ethiopian civilization and its landscape has many historical monuments. A distinctive feature are its rock hewn churches. These are gheralta, teka tesfay, atsbi and tembien. There are other places in tigray that can be a tourist attraction these are queen of Sheba’s bath, yeha archeological sites, chapel of the tablet, and the capitalof Tigray, Mekelle. Historic sites include the obelisk of Axum, king Ezana’s inscription and many more. Adwa, the battlefield where Ethiopia defeated Italy and thereby managed to avoid colonisation, is also located here.

For cultural interested visitors there is the famous music instrument, kebero which is used in every tigre song. They have many popular foods but a local speciality is genfo with yogurt.

Tigray has some bigger factory parks but investment in tourism service is also plausible. It’s cause tigray is a historic region and holds many amazing sites that hasn’t even been discovered yet.