Harari region

Harari Region

Harar of the eastern Ethiopia is the smallest among the 13 regions. However, many historical places are found here.

Harar, a walled city also known in arabic as the city of saints. was listed as a world heritage site in 2006 by unesco in recognition of its cultural heritage. Harar also emerged as the center of islamic culture and religion in the Horn of Africa during the end of the Middle ages. It is colorful, surrounded by stone walls and is home to over 100 mosques and many more shrines centered on Feres Magala square. Other notable visiting sites are Medhanealem Cathedral, the house of Arthur Rimbaud, the 16th century Jami mosque and the historic great five gates of Harar. A popular nighttime adventure when coming to Harari is to spot hyenas and feed them meat with the supervision of local guides who are known for being friendly and familiar with the hyenas.

Important good in this region is coffee,