Addis Ababa

There are things to do while visiting here in the vibrant capital of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba and here are a just a few of them. First of Ethiopian history museums that help learn more about the many Ethiopian traditions like Ethnological museum, National museum of Ethiopia, Zoma bete mezekir and the coffee gallery. Secondly there are several parks and recreation areas like Entoto park, Unity park which are a must visit places if you come to Addis Third is our religious sites. Being one of the old religious countries we do have a few sites to visit like Anwar mosque, St. George’s Cathedral, Holy trinity Cathedral. Fourth are our traditional restaurants. While enjoying the famous cuisine you’re also accompanied by traditional dance moves in places like Yod Abyssinia, Tottot restaurant, 2000 Habesha. Mercato is also a place to visit as it is the largest open air market in the whole of Africa.

Two most loved sports in Ethiopia are Athletes and Football. If you’re sports interested and you’re staying in Addis you want to get in line to watch the game between Ethiopia Buna and St. George, or as the locals call it Sheger Derby. And when we come to the traditional sports at there are over 290 traditional and cultural sports in Ethiopia. Some of them being, Genna chewata, Gebeta, Lamlameta, Suzi and Biy.