Sidama regionen

Sidama Regionen

Sidama is found in the southern part of Ethiopia with their capital city, Hawassa. Sidama is well known for their green areas and their famous coffee which is loved by people around the world. A famous holiday in Sidama is Fichchee, the local new year, and is a great time to visit the region. The calendar is based on the lunar system which has a unique form of counting the weeks. Sidama contains several tourist attractions such as the Lokka Abayya national park, bubbling hot spring of wondogenet, Abo cultural place and Garamba mountain. The region is also famos for organizing cultural tourism attraction to get an understanding of local practices. When stopping by hawassa it’s a must to visit the fish market also known as Amora Gedel. Hawassa lake is a nice place to discover local cusines like fried or raw fresh fish. By the river. Here, one can also find remarkable monkeys and birds, especially pelicans and ducks.

Investment areas include coffee and fish.