Oromia region

Oromia is the largest region in Ethiopia. The capital city, Addis Ababa, also known as Finfinne in oromigna, is located here but oromia has many zones or sub regions.

Places to visit could be Yayo coffee forest Biosphere, a UNESCO registered forest biosphere located between Illubabor and Buno Bedele zones. In Borena zone there is a national park called Borena National Park and is Ethiopia’s largest. Shashemene is a town in southern Ethiopia known for its Rastafarian community but is not far from the resort of Wondo genet known for its hot springs and the Senkele Wildlife Sanctuary. In Oromia region you will find the Bale Mountains which has Tullu Demtu, the second-highest mountain in Ethiopia and there is a National Park which covers 2,200 square kilometers of these mountains. The main attractions of the park are the wild alpine scenery, and the relative ease with which visitors can see unique birds and mammals while exploring its trekking opportunities. 

Jimma is a zone in Oromia Region of Ethiopia named after former Kingdom of Jimma, which was absorbed into the former province of Kaffa in 1932.

Investment opportunities in Oromia could be production of Coffee and tea or mining.