About Us

About Us

ZAF Ethiopia is a non profit organization created by people from the Ethiopian diaspora in Sweden, brought together by the owner Sozo Consulting.

The vision behind the ZAF platform is to strengthen relations, collaborations and exchanges between Sweden and Ethiopia and ultimately, contribute to Ethiopia’s development. The Ethiopian diaspora has the advantage and potential to navigate in both a Swedish and Ethiopian context. A favorable position that is either overlooked or lacks resources or information to include them in different activities.

Our goal is a two-way street! We want to collect and map the Ethiopian diaspora in Sweden to be able to show what we have to offer. For the diaspora, we also want to provide meaningful and useful information and pave the way to the many opportunities in Ethiopia. We want to spark an interest for Ethiopia or highlight less known areas. Through Sozo Consulting, we are a resource for those who are already involved or have a plan to get involved in Ethiopia, but hope that our work will shape future involvement as well.

How we work…

As a member, you get access to our newsletters which consist of unique untold stories from a Swedish and Ethiopian perspective. You get the opportunity to participate in various competitions and gain access to a wide network. For daily updates be sure to follow us on our social media!

The ZAF platform will initially be a one-year project filled with events, trips, and a unique newsletter. The platform will in turn build up a database to show competence, and skills amongst the diaspora and will function as a resource for authorities, organizations, companies and entrepreneurs who operate in Ethiopia and who are interested in Swedish expertise.

Do you have questions about the organization or suggestions on how we can improve the content we publish?

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Meet Our Team

Amen Hultstrom


Hanna Bergman


Mariam Perry


Gabriella Zellek