Gambela regionen

Gambela Regionen

Gambella region is found in the western part of Ethiopia and is small in size but is nonetheless diverse! Most of the people in the region are pastoralists. And production of sesame and oil crops, mangoes and bananas is a major source of income.

The Gambela region is located in the lowlands and has everything from rainforests, swamps to savannah and is therefore rich in wildlife. The Gambella national park is the most famous tourist attraction in the region which is home to a vibrant wildlife including elephants, buffalos, monkeys, and parrots. It is said to be a must see place when visiting the region because of the animals which are only found in the national park. Other sites to visit Jejebe mountain where there is a church. The Baro river is located here and connects the region with Sudan. It is the only River that is being used for transportation in Ethiopia. Another beautyful sight is the Jay Waterfall

One could also enjoy the sight of the yegzer dildiy-bridge by the Gillo river or a visit to the Anuk market to buy some of the local products and taste borde, a traditional beer.

When it comes to investment, the topical sectors are agriculture, construction and service. With its natural resources, Gambella has potential for cotton and oilseeds investors, there is ample opportunity for investment in fish production, oil exploration and mining. Little has been done here but there are lots of opportunities for the region to be more recognised in its economic potential.